A collection of work as Creative Director at Tocquigny.
This was a unique project. The clients wanted something different, and we gave it to them. Very few horizontal websites exist, let alone successfully. This one was unique in how it navigated using a paper like slider that opened in closed left to right for different content. It was developed in 2007, so Flash was the only solution, as HTML5 was still a few years away. One of the unique features was the animated water behind the 1155.
Website design for an Austin real estate project.
Interactive touchscreen UI for DisplayPoints.
Interactive touchscreen UI for DisplayPoints.
Online advertising campaign for MessageLabs.
Website design for PurposeMoney online bank.
Wordpress & blog template for Synopsys product launch.
Website for Tocquigny Advertising. Home page.
As the CD, I wanted to have a website the was a better reflection of our capabilities. We developed a website that had a true CMS behind it, and could cross promote the huge amount of IP that they had created. We also wanted a unique way to showcase the great creative work that we had done. The portfolio section was easily edited and to add new content. From the user POV, it was a seamless way to explore the work from different directions; from an industry selection; type of project; or solution. As you filtered, the work propagated onscreen and organized for you instantly.
Website for Tocquigny Advertising. Content page.
Website for Valvoline. Home page.
Website for Valvoline. Schedule An Appointment page.
Website for Valvoline. Rebate Redemption page.
Online advertising campaign for World Vision.
Online advertising campaign for World Vision.
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